Virtual Consultation for a Boating Injury

hand extensionA boating accident that claimed the life of my pet dog set me back with a horrible hand injury. My grief prevented me from seeking immediate medical attention but once I was done grieving, I chose to go online as I live in a small town in Ireland without many options. I never thought I’d end up talking to a hand surgeon in Dallas, TX. Dr. Knight runs a website and does Virtual Consultations over the internet. I was able to get an idea as how serious the injury was without leaving the homeland. The expense of the procedure that I needed to have was scary but if I was to ever get back out onto the ocean I would have to shore up my finances and pay. The prospect of regaining most of the use of my fingers back was a relief because up until that point, I thought that I would not be able to grip my fingers together again. Once I had the surgery went home, preferring to sleep at my own house and drive to the hospital the next day for a check up.

My recovery went very well though I was still saddened by the loss of my dog. He was a beautiful chocolate lab-golden retriever mix and was the most loyal dog I had ever known. The rehab process for getting functionality back in my hand was frustrated at times. I would think of my dog whenever I had a tough session and promised myself a new dog when I was able to start sailing and boating again. Living on the boat where I lost my dog was tough so I traded it for a friend’s boat that had all the same features. Eventually I took my sailboat out into the bay and found that my hand was strong enough to handle it. I bought a new dog and he has been with me since.